Package io.jenetics

Class RouletteWheelSelector<G extends Gene<?,​G>,​N extends Number & Comparable<? super N>>

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        protected double[] probabilities​(Seq<Phenotype<G,​N>> population,
                                         int count)
        Description copied from class: ProbabilitySelector

        Return an Probability array, which corresponds to the given Population. The probability array and the population must have the same size. The population is not sorted. If a subclass needs a sorted population, the subclass is responsible to sort the population.

        The implementer always assumes that higher fitness values are better. The base class inverts the probabilities, by reverting the returned probability array, if the GA is supposed to minimize the fitness function.
        Specified by:
        probabilities in class ProbabilitySelector<G extends Gene<?,​G>,​N extends Number & Comparable<? super N>>
        population - The unsorted population.
        count - The number of phenotypes to select. This parameter is not needed for most implementations.
        Probability array. The returned probability array must have the length population.size() and must sum to one. The returned value is checked with assert(Math.abs(math.sum(probabilities) - 1.0) < 0.0001) in the base class.