Package io.jenetics.util

package io.jenetics.util
This package contains the collection classes (Seq, ISeq and MSeq) which are used in the public interfaces of the Chromosome and Genotype. It also contains the RandomRegistry class, which implements the global PRNG lookup, as well as helper IO classes for serializing Genotypes and whole Populations.
  • Class
    Accumulator<T,A extends Accumulator<T,A,R>,R>
    This interface lets you accumulate elements of type T to a result of type R.
    General base interface for a ordered, fixed sized, object sequence.
    This class is used for holding the valid characters of an CharacterGene.
    This interface indicates, that a class can create a copy of type T.
    Double range class.
    Integer range class.
    Class for object serialization.
    Immutable, ordered, fixed sized sequence.
    Long range class.
    A mixin interface for genes which can have a mean value.
    Mutable, ordered, fixed sized sequence.
    Clock implementation with nano second precision.
    Object wrapper, which makes the wrapped value Comparable, by defining a separate Comparator.
    This sorting methods doesn't sort a given array directly, instead an index lookup array is returned which allows to access the array in a sorted order.
    The comparator used for comparing two array elements at the specified indexes.
    Some places in the Java API still require a Random object instead of the new RandomGenerator.
    This class holds the RandomGenerator engine used for the GA.
    Self<S extends Self<S>>
    This interface defines a recursive generic type S, which represents the type of the implementing class.
    General interface for a ordered, fixed sized, object sequence.
    This class allows to create a reactive Flow.Publisher from a given Java Stream.
    This class contains factory methods for (flat) mapping stream elements.