Class Writers.BoundedChromosome

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    public static final class Writers.BoundedChromosome
    extends Object
    This class contains static writer methods for BoundedChromosome objects.

    XML template

     <root-name length="3">
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        public static <A extends Comparable<? super A>,​G extends BoundedGene<A,​G>,​C extends BoundedChromosome<A,​G>> Writer<C> writer​(String rootName,
                                                                                                                                                             Writer<? super A> alleleWriter)
        Create a bounded chromosome writer with the given configuration.
        Type Parameters:
        A - the allele type
        G - the bounded gene type
        C - the bounded chromosome type
        rootName - the name of the root element. E.g. int-chromosome
        alleleWriter - the XML writer used for the alleles
        a bounded chromosome XML writer
        NullPointerException - if one of the arguments is null